About POW Sofware

A modern software development company

POW Software

POW Sofware is a software development company established in late 2020. Our goal is to offer powerful, easy to use and scalable solutions.
Our file synchronization software, ByteSync, is currently under development.

Passionate about simple & efficient solutions

Our Vision

We love to use straightforward and reliable tools that do what they are meant to do. We like to find a suitable solution quickly when a problem arises. And we prefer fair pricing with simple licensing.
We want to offer services that we would enjoy using.

Our Mission

Software for IT professionals gets heavier with time and updates. The interfaces are often outdated.
At POW Software, our mission is to develop simple and efficient solutions for IT professionals so that every user can simply save time.

Paul Fresquet

About the founder

After more than 10 years spent co-directing and developing Kipaware, a French software company specialized in management software, Paul Fresquet decided to start a new challenge at the turn of the 2020s by founding POW Software.

The goal of POW Softwareis to offer software designed to effectively and simply meet the needs of users by combining the Cloud, ease of use, and reliability.

Paul is also available for freelance missions in C# development.